Paul and Lydia are members of North Church who will be traveling to Cambodia with Global Interaction to share the message of Jesus.

Paul and Lydia met in 2004 while studying at the Bible College of Victoria and were married in 2006. God’s call on their lives to cross-cultural mission became clear to them as young Christians and was confirmed and strengthened as the years went by.

They have two children, Isaac born 2014 and Violet in 2015. They are enjoying their role as parents to their happy little people. Paul, a gentle and reflective person, has a great passion to empower people to discover God’s purpose for their lives. He currently works for the Department of Human Services and loves spending time with Isaac and Violet. Lydia loves people and this has seen her take on pastoral roles in various churches over the past few years. Lydia is sensitive and relational with a passion for prayer.

In 2013 Paul and Lydia visited Cambodia - the very place God had planted in their hearts - and this trip cemented their belief that God wanted them to partner in sharing the message of the love of Jesus with the Khmer people. Paul and Lydia are very excited about joining the Global Interaction team in Cambodia and are looking forward to sharing their lives with the Khmer people there.

For more information and to provide support, visit their page on the Global Interaction website.