Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

In 2014 North Church embarked on a journey with Angel International School to work in partnership with a local church in Jaffna, Sri Lanka, to support the school Angel International School (AIS).

AIS spans 3 campuses in the regional centre of Jaffna, with schools in Manipay, Jaffna and Chavacheri. The schools were formed from a vision, birthed by God, to the founder and director of the school, Pastor Sam Rajasuriar. Ps. Sam Rajasuriar has led the regional Assemblies of God church for the past 40 years, which comprises around 25 churches. The school serves a region, that has been widely impacted by a 30 year civil war, where most of the population have seen their families fall victims. The school provides a place for children to be nurtured and educated from Primary to High School being the only school that provides an education in English. In addition, the school also runs adult education.

In 2014 Jeevan, Majella and their family were released by North Church to go and work with Angel International School for a year, and develop further roots, to build relationships with the organisation and the local community. Jeevan and his family had the opportunity to work in various capacity in teaching, and serving the local region, forming connections with other schools, University and organisations. 

North Church has been able to establish programs to support AIS. The Crosspoint Feeding program, that feeds some of the most vulnerable in the school community during the school term, and the Annual Crossway North Basketball Competition, soon to be North Church Basketball Competition, are two such programs that are currently supported. Since Returning from Sri Lanka, Jeevan and his family have been able to return to Jaffna on short term visits to assess the viability of the ongoing projects, look for further opportunities for ministry, and run training sessions for teachers and students in some of their core curriculum subjects.

Through these programs we are able to share the love of God to a generation that may never have the opportunity to hear about His Goodness. This also enables North church to be an effective partner for the local church, in encouraging, equipping and praying, as they work in the harvest field in Jaffna. This partnership also provides a pathway for Christian educators to go and serve in the school, where there is great opportunity to minister to the community.

We would value your prayers and support in this ministry, as we look to serve God, in bringing the reality of the Good News of Gospel that brings Hope.