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The Care Team was established out of a time of prayer in which we sought God and He answered us. North Church is called to be a “House of Prayer” and it is through Prayer that we find unity in the body. He led us to the scriptures “You will know them by their love for one another” and also “spur one another on toward love and good deeds".

The prayer focus has been to build the body up and bring us into a place of unity for God to move.

We would love for every member to be a part of the prayer ministry in some capacity. Currently we meet at 7am every week morning and also hold smaller prayer night gatherings to intercede on behalf of the Church. Please see Bec Phillips or Susie Ball for more information.

Through our prayer time, God has called us to reach out and bless people with Care packs, fruit and Veg boxes as well as other gift packs in order to specifically minister to individual needs.

The care packs are prayed for and God places items on our hearts to go into the packs. They often start out with a word (like Worthy or Loved) and the items are carefully chosen to compliment that word.

The Fruit and Veg packs are in many ways symbolic of a life-giving gift. They bring nourishment to body and soul.

We pray over the packs that God speaks to the individual receiving them and that they remind them of how much God cares for them.

If you have someone on your heart to receive a care pack, fruit or gift box, or would like to sponsor one of these, please get in touch with the care team or the North Office for more information.

The Care Pantry has been established to provide basic food and personal items to those in need. This Pantry is open by appointment. Please see the North Office for more information. Donations are always welcome.

God's Heart is beyond Generous, and we are after God’s Heart in the expansion of these ministries which include Acts of service such as phone-calls, visits, meal trains, gardening, home maintenance, laundry services and many more.


Please contact the care team or North Office should you wish to be involved in any of these.

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