Welcome Team

Welcome Team

Welcome, it's great to see you. When you walk through the doors of North Church our welcome team are your first point of contact. 

They make sure you know what's happening for the service and answer any questions you might have about us. They present our welcome packs if you are new and also look after the delivery of our holy communion. They are a welcoming, inclusive and loving group of people. 

Catering Team

Between our two Sunday Services  (10.20am-10.40am) we invite you to join us and enjoy morning tea together. Our catering team look after the tea, coffee and biscuits. There are opportunities to bake and spoil others so why not get involved?

Car Park Directors

Ever wanted to be a policeman directing and managing the flow of traffic? Well here's your opportunity! North Church's carpark directors take care of our cars to make sure they know where they are going and making sure they don't hurt each other as they bring our North Church VIPs to our Sunday celebration services. In all seasons these guys have a smile and a friendly wave. We couldn't be without them!

If you would like further information or would love to be involved in the Welcome Team, please get in touch through our 'Contact Us' page.