...BUT Seek First His Kingdom!!

Brett and Michelle recently put out a personal prayer newsletter about our need for a Church Facility as our next step, building equity into the future. He asked people to pray and to consider giving financially toward our need. To date over $7,000 has been given from those outside of North Church. This is both encouraging and challenging for those of us who will ultimately benefit from these gifts. Last week, Brett suggested it wasn't about equal giving but about equal sacrifice. It might surprise you to know that some of those who have given include a man in his 80's who has been praying for us consistently over the past 10 years, and a single mum who was willing to make a costly sacrifice.

How is the Lord challenging you about investing in His Kingdom for the future of this region? Please continue to pray and be willing to respond to the Lord's gentle nudge about how you might also 'Seek Him First' - Mt 6:33. God Bless You as you seek Him!!

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